Punisher Adirondack Chair Build

Punisher Adirondack Chair Build

I am excited to share with you how I made this Punisher Adirondack chair. I have made a video for Youtube where you can follow along as I build it. The link will be added to this post.

To start, You’ll need 4 – 2×4’s @ 8′ long and 5 – 1×6’s @ 36″ long. The cut list is featured in the video. I did not include the back braces in the cut list but they are simple to add and attach to support the 1×6’s of the Punisher skull. Here is the cut list;

5 – 2×4’s @ 19.5 inches – Legs & Supports

2 – 2×4’s @ 31.75 inches – Armrests

2 – 2×4’s @ 33.25 inches – 2 ends cut 20 degrees off square.

2 – 2×4’s @ 16.5 inches – Back supports

2 – 1×10’s @ 22.5 inches – Seat

5 – 1×6’s @ 36″ or so, depending on how long you want to make your Skull teeth.

This image shows the 20 degree cut off-center on the back of the legs
This shows the chair bottom complete

Cut the stringers at 90 degrees to attach to the front legs and attach with 2 1/2 inch exterior wood screws. You’ll need 2 pair mirrored, as shown in the diagram below.

Then I drilled pocket holes on the ends of 2 – 19.5 inch pieces to attach the frame, as pictured below.

Now I attached the 2 – 1×10″ seat pieces to the frame with 3- 1-1/2 inch exterior wood screws on each side of the boards. NOTE; I recommend that you ply the chair before you assemble it because there are a lot of nooks and crannies that will be a pain to get to if you do it after assembly.

In the video above, the 16.5″ 2×4’s will replace the shown 32.75 pieces.

Then I attached the final 2×4 @ 19.5″ to the bottom of the back supports.

With the chair base complete, I started to make a Punisher template out of MDF, using my Shapeoko CNC. You don’t need a CNC for this project, just print out a punisher template from any one of the available files on the internet. Just be sure to blow up the image to a compatible size for this project. About 24×36″ and trace it to the 1×6 boards.

Punisher template cut on my CNC

This template will be available on my website in the SHOP section.

I used this template to trace the Punisher to the 1×6 boards as shown in the photos below.

Template placement for tracing
Traced Punisher

Then I used a jigsaw to cut the Punisher using the lines that I traced.

I assembled the Punisher skull with back braces not included in the cut list. You can brace the wood pieces as you wish using some measurement. I chose to make a “U” shaped bracket and one rectangular brace. I spaced the pieces 1/4 inch apart to allow for rain drainage using scrap wood pieces.

After assembling the Punisher skull, I attached it to the chair base using both 2 1/2″ and 1 1/2″ exterior wood screws and burned the wood to give it a rustic look.

You don’t really need to use 1×6’s for the skull. I’m sure it would look great carved out of plywood in one piece. I just think it looks best this way.

Tell me what you think in the comment area below. If you try this build, let me know. If you like this post, please share it on your social media and like.

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