Halloween Lawn Ornaments

Halloween Lawn Ornaments

Looking for a quick Halloween lawn ornament build for the Halloween season?

Make some spooky lawn ornaments like bats, ghosts and black cats.  These are easy to make if you have a band saw or jigsaw.

First, you’ll need a template if you’re not artistically inclined. Go to your local stores and get some foam or paper cutouts of some Halloween decorations.  Then grab a 1/4″ piece of plywood from your local big box store and trace the decorations you just bought onto the plywood.  Cut them out with your band saw or Jigsaw and attach a wood stake from scrap wood you might have lying around your shop/home.  Be sure to make a point on the end of the stake so that you can stick it into the ground.  After assembling it all, just paint them the appropriate colors and stake them in your yard.

Job well done!

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